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Our Females

Breeding Perfection



Bitsy is one of our beautiful ANKC labs. She is the most happiest dog that we have ever met. Bitsy loves cuddles, walks and dinner.



We love all our animals at ClarrieLabs, and Eliie is the smartest dog ever. We call her the Estate Manager because nothing gets past Ellie. If you move the tractor and don't put it back in the right place, Ellie will know. Any changes to the farm occur by filing a memo to Ellie for pre-approval :-)



Minnie is the athlete in our house, she loves to run. She is the most beautiful colour, which is still classed as yellow but looks like Platinum. Minnie is a beautiful happy girl that loves her walks (runs).

Bitsy Ellie and Jeanie.jpg


Jeanie is what we call a modern Australian Labrador, she is bred for agility rather than retrieving. Jeanie has the most beautiful nature and loves to have a chat with you. This pic shows her sitting with her two best friends (from the left Bitsy, Ellie and Jeanie).

Females: Females
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